Causes of mass failure in english

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If something goes wrong it is because someone else did not do what he had been told to do. Co-operating with Each Other Co-operation has to be direct between co-ops without use of intermediaries.

Keeping in view the importance of the problem this study was designed to know the causes of the rising failure in the subject of English. So what is needed are more idealistic upcoming managers imbued with the spirit of co-operation and a sense of social responsibility.

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Research Methodology This research was aimed to find out causes of the rising failure of the students in the subject of English at Secondary Level. It is the General Meeting which decides policy by a majority of all members. Committees do not decide, they advise and recommend.

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‘Pidgin, short-hand’ cause of mass failure in English – WAEC

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Teachers of English come to class with preparation. Private schools are not helping matters also. Delimitation of the Study The study was delimited to all the male English teachers at secondary level in district Bannu.

Pidgin, shorthand, causes of mass failure in English — WAEC

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WAEC Reveals The Cause Of Mass Failure In English Language

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That he could have prevented it. Pidgin, shorthand, causes of mass failure in English — WAEC Posted on July 17, by admin The Public Relations Officer of the West African Examination Council in Ghana, Agnes Teye Cudjoe, said the WASSCE Chief Examiner’s Report attributed the massive failure in English to the use of Pidgin language and short-hand by students.

Abstract: The study investigated the causes of poor performance in English language among secondary school students in Dutse metropolis of Jigawa state.

Kidney failure

Responses were elicited from students and teachers in five secondary schools in Dutse metropolis. The study sample wasin which were students and 79 were teachers. The Public Relations Officer of the West African Examination Council (WAEC), Agnes Teye Cudjoe, says the WASSCE Chief Examiner's Report attributes the massive failure in English to the use of.

Causes of Mass Failure in English Language in Some Schools Essay January Causes of rising failure of the students’ in the subject of English at Secondary Level Gulap Shahzada (Corresponding & Principal author) Institute of Education & Research University of Science & Technology.

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Nigeria: Mass Failure in English Language

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Causes of mass failure in english
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