Jose mourinho coaching style

Such was the impact of Robson and Mourinho on making Porto a lasting team, that the club managed to claim three more consecutive championships after they had left. Mourinho also caused immediate ripples in Italian football through his controversial relationships with the Italian press and media, as well as his feuds with major Serie A coaches, including Carlo Ancelottithen of Milan, Luciano Spalletti of Roma and Claudio Ranieri of Juventus.

He noted that, "Compared with our neighbours Japan and South Korea, Chinese football is lagging far behind, we need to work with a long-term view and start to catch up with a pragmatic approach. You should be taking time to get to know your team as people, what makes them tick — and let them know what makes you tick too.

Ex-Chelsea star offers a fascinating insight into Jose Mourinho's coaching style and methods

The football is not sparkling or as expansive and some rivals, but there are improvements. I was never quite the same player after that. Marca proclaimed that Mourinho had passed the test to become the next head coach of Real Madrid, as their fans celebrated the elimination of Barcelona.

Mourinho expects you to put it in every session and that is an area where Luke will struggle.

José Antonio Camacho

The possibility, however, of the quadruple was brought to an end on 1 May when Liverpool eliminated Chelsea from the Champions League on penalties at Anfield, following a 1—1 aggregate draw.

Your players will be affected by every word you say, positively or negatively, consciously or unconsciously. He knew how to wind me up and get a performance out of me. Secondly, the team spirit seems very good in the squad. We are a team. Mourinho signed Argentine striker Diego Militowho fell just one goal short of winning the top scorer award with Genoaas well as Thiago Motta and Wesley Sneijderto bolster the midfield.

Anything other than that and that is unacceptable. I have written many other books including: For your own ends, you need to realise the power of your own words. InMourinho won his first Primeira Liga with a 27—5—2 record, 11 points clear of Benfica, the team he quit two years earlier.

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He began to study opposing teams and game tactics relentlessly. Robson and Mourinho's styles complemented each other: Grant's position was further enhanced by being given a seat on the board. Cannavaro had said that Santon might have to leave Inter to get regular playing time to gain selection for Italy in the upcoming World Cup.

Not seen anything about how spurs have lost there last 3 since beating us or how city are the first English team to lose 4 CL games in a row. In his impressive managerial career, he has helmed top football clubs such as Porto, Real Madrid, and Chelsea.

Inter struggled in their first two matches of the new season. Let the final three express themselves a bit more and give them the confidence to try things.

10 ways to lead your team like Jose Mourinho leads Chelsea

One of the most important things I learnt from Bobby Robson is that when you win, you shouldn't assume you are the team, and when you lose, you shouldn't think you are rubbish. The total of 86 points out of the possible maximum of was a Portuguese record, until the —16 season won by Benfica 88 pointssince the rule of three points per win was introduced.

The club, however, was defeated 4—1 in the first leg away at Borussia Dortmund.

José Mourinho – One of the Greatest Coaches in Soccer History

Motivate your strongest people with stretching individual challenges — be they winning awards, bigger clients,Facebook likes, whatever — and your best players will rise to the creative challenge. First of all, they have advanced football concepts, and secondly they have a productive youth training system, which we can learn from.

Figo was on the verge of leaving Inter under Mancini due to a lack of playing time but in his final season, Mourinho used him frequently. Mental fortitude is a huge part of any success, we seem to be building that. Those changes at Carrington will certainly be felt by the players.

It is rumored that he wants an even bigger compensation package due to how the team has performed under his leadership.

Not at peak Sanchez, but making some great runs and creating a lot of chances, the most I think out of all our players. Available to download from the App Store and Google Play. Make your words work for you a. Mourinho with Chelsea in Shevchenko's strike partner, Didier Drogba, had the highest scoring season of his career that year and this led Shevchenko to be dropped from the starting line-up towards the end of the season by Mourinho.

His first professional experiences were spent at Rayo Vallecano and RCD Espanyolboth of which he helped promote to the top division.

When Porto appointed him as their head coach, Mourinho moved with him, continuing to coach and interpret for players at the new club. I hope he proves me wrong as I still think he can contribute a huge amount this season. If you are not friends with the players you do not reach the maximum potential of that group.

This transfer was the second most expensive in the history of the transfer market, after Cristiano Ronaldo moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid earlier in the summer.

In January he suffered a serious injury in training, which put his career on hold for nearly two years, but returned strong, being instrumental as the capital side won consecutive UEFA Cups.

Despite a poor first half of the season, it looks like Zinedine Zidane is the only one in charge of his continuity at Real Madrid, but the coach has. Sep 29,  · Chelsea face Porto in the Champions League on Tuesday, which means an emotional return to the club for José Mourinho.

As Jonathan Wilson explains, a lot has. Excerpt of a letter from Jose Mourinho to the Chelsea squad, Another quirk of Jose’s management style is his propensity to communicate with his players in writing. Not only does he write them letters, he passes post-it notes on to the pitch.

Those who are not aware, Jose Mourinho, the self-proclaimed 'Special One', is the former manager of Chelsea Football Club and Real Madrid and one of the best managers the sport has ever seen. Watch video · Mourinho also still has a ‘Bible’ which he began to compile when he was coaching the juniors at Vitoria de Setubal back in Portugal and which is the ‘training file’ that is made up of his.

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Jose mourinho coaching style
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